Joe Scukanec | Photo Walk: Rumbley

Photo Walk: Rumbley

April 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Rumbley MD is located at the end of the middle neck of Somerset county. The road to Rumbley is a remote drive through several miles of marsh land with hardly a business in sight. Workboats tie up at the docks with small crab shacks along the main road through town. At the end of the road is Goose Creek marina which is where the Hideaway Grille is located. On this trip I was there before the Grille was open for business, so this photographer will be scheduling another trip to Rumbley to sample the local cuisine. Please enjoy a few of the photos I captured on this trip.

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Rumbley PW 1Rumbley PW 1

Rumbley PW 2Rumbley PW 2 Rumbley PW 3Rumbley PW 3 Rumbley PW 4Rumbley PW 4 Rumbley PW 5Rumbley PW 5 Rumbley PW 6Rumbley PW 6


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